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[ 26-05-2009 ] Maintaining Natural Stone


Maintaining Natural Stone

There are so many Natural Stone products on the market and there is a misconception about how difficult Natural Stone can be to maintain. Without doubt there are some natural stone products on the market that may stain easily or be very porous, making it difficult to clean.

Limestone seems to get the raw end of the stick with regards to this misconception. Undoubtedly there are some very porous Limestone products on the market, however very dense limestone products also exist.

Limestone from the Middle East are of a denser grade than those limestone's from parts of Asia and Australia. Any limestone product that a consumer may be attracted to needs to be looked at in a durability sense as well as the appearance of the product. A few simple things such as pouring some water on the product and seeing how fast it penetrates into the stone or by scraping the edge of your shoe along the stone to see how easily it marks will help you understand how porous or durable the stone is.

All Natural Stone products should be sealed with a quality penetrating sealer. This will provide extra protection to the stone as even the densest stones can stain. The dearer the sealer generally means it is a better product and the cheaper sealers probably should be avoided as they will not do the same job. Most people once finished laying a product and seal it never seal it again, it should be done every 5-7 years and isn't a difficult task to undertake. For more information on sealers visit or talk to your nearest tile store for recommendations.

In regards to cleaning Natural Stone there are some great products on the market suitable for Natural Stone. Even for your everyday mopping and cleaning you must watch what products are used, products such as bleaches and harsh cleaners can ruin a beautiful looking stone and every care should be taken. When you are shopping for cleaning products take the time to read the back and make sure it is suitable to use on Natural Stone.

Stone is a product that will outlast the human lifecycle and can be cutback and brought back to life very easily, but it will last the test of time if maintained properly. Enjo and similar type cleaning products are great for Natural Stone and keep it looking like new; an added benefit is that these types of products are good for the environment as no harsh chemicals are used.

If you have any questions on the range of products Phoenician Stone carries or how to best maintain them please contact us on or call us on 02 9601 4577.