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[ 30-06-2009 ] Paving - Making The Right Choice

Paving - Making The Right Choice 

When it comes to choosing the right pavers there are endless options, trends have changed over the years and there is always something new on the market. Each and every product has its positives and negatives depending on its usage and what the end users budget is. 

Australia is always behind America and Europe when it comes to current trends as we are with many different products. Currently overseas the trends are patterns such as “French Pattern” which is using multiple sizes to form a pattern, smaller cobble sized products and products with a tumbled edge.

Natural Stone products have also seen a big surge in popularity over clay and concrete pavers due to the endless choices in Natural colours, formats and the longevity of Natural Stone.

 Phoenician Stone own and operate its own quarry in the Middle East and are constantly being asked for different sizes and formats from our customer base around the globe. With this experience in manufacturing and the constant trade events around the globe we attend we are always staying in front when it comes to new products and ideas. A lot of these products are not in fact new but like most things everything old becomes new again.  

If you are searching for a paver to suit your home, talk to the experts in manufacturing and importing of Natural Stone products. Our experience will help you choose the right product for your home without any regrets as to whether the person you spoke to actually sold you what you want for a fair price. It's amazing when the right products are used how affective an area can be and your outdoor area can be the envy of your friends.  

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 Picture: End Black Granite Cobbles.