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[ 17-04-2009 ] Pavers


Paving a path, driveway, entertaining area or swimming pool is nothing new; however the trends are always changing. Twenty years ago everyone bought a standard brick sized paver and threw them down just so they didn’t have to mow the area or walk in mud when it’s wet.

Over the last 15 years or so manufacturers of concrete pavers saw a market that needed more than what was available and started producing large format pavers in new colours and textures never before seen. Television shows such as Backyard Blitz, Auction Squad and many others also saw a market for television ratings which saw a surge in people no longer just paving an area for convenience but paving it for style. As the products became larger and more expensive people were still looking for the next best thing.

  About five years ago the Natural Stone market started to flourish. We all know Stone has always been around right back to Ancient Times but it was expensive and a luxury item. Today the Stone Market in NSW is estimated to take up about 35% of the pavers laid. Year on year the stone market is growing reducing the market that up until not so long ago was dominated by the large concrete manufacturers and why not Stone doesn’t fade, is easily maintained and is without a doubt a classier looking product.

  Phoenician Stone specialises in Natural Stone pavers importing from around the globe. Phoenician Stone also has its own Limestone quarry and production facility in the Middle East making it one of the only importers in Australia to do so. Phoenician Stones range of Pavers is extensive and they have the product to suit any outdoor design you are trying to achieve.

  For that touch of class in your outdoor project you can’t go past Phoenician Stones Natural Stone Paver Ranges. Check them out on our website at or call us on 02 9601 4577 for more information.